Map Pointz: A Collective Memory

Little Big Man

“While we have seen plenty of underground photographic projects documenting the punk, grunge, and skateboard scenes (among many other possible subcultures), Rosales’ project shows us a world that has largely gone unrepresented. The fact that it was mostly a Latina/Latino group and largely seen from a female perspective makes it all the more unusual ... MAP POINTZ doesn’t peer in from the outside, but is instead the agglomeration of the snapshots (and memories) of the actual participants. As a result, it feels somewhat like a group family album, the collective moments of people who were all at the same parties, their individual images coming together to tell a robust three-dimensional story.” —, Collector Daily

Softcover with cloth spine, 7.75 × 10.5 in, 224 pages

Photo by Rick Klotz. ©2019
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